Friday, May 17, 2024

G for Gina - East German’s REMEMBER What The Last Propaganda Regime Was About


  • The one you think you know
  • Was never really you.
  • You are still at large


Gina Rinehart, a mining magnate worth $22 billion, wants her portrait removed from an Australian gallery

"Some people might not like it, other people might find it funny, but I hope people look beneath the surface and see the serious side too."

Vincent Namatjira says he 'paints the world as he sees it' in response to Gina Rinehart portrait controversy

Why ATO is taking controversial healthcare company to court

MediSecure was one of two companies awarded contracts by the federal government to provide PBS e-script services until late last year, when the tender was granted exclusively to another company, eRx.

Australian government investigating 'large-scale ransomware' data breach of script provider MediSecure

See your identity pieced together from stolen data

Italy’s mafia turns to white-collar crime as murder, extortion fall out of favor Reuters

The interview with Congressional candidate Dennis Kucinich that was removed from The Real News site and led to the termination of my showChris Hedges, The Chris Hedges Report

East German’s REMEMBER What The Last Propaganda Regime Was About | Prof. Dan Bednarz YouTube

IRS Now Targeting People Who Threaten Washington’s “Ability to Govern” Ken Klipperstein (Chuck L). Notice the Biden Administration engaging in the sort of authoritarianism that the “save our democracy” sorts are projecting on to Trump. 


New Laws Are Turning Police Into ‘Supercitizens’American Prospect (UserFriendly

How the Pandemic Reshaped American Gun Violence

The New York Times: “Taking a stroll around the neighborhood is a routine activity for many Americans. Yet for 47 million people — about one in seven — such a walk would pass near the location of a recent gun homicide.

 The number of people living this close to fatal violence grew drastically during the pandemic years, a New York Times analysis has found, as a surge in killings not only worsened gun violence in neighborhoods that were already suffering but also spread into new places.

 To assess the impact of the pandemic years, The New York Times created a map of every gun homicide in the United States since 2020, using data collected from the police and news media accounts by the nonprofit Gun Violence Archive. For every block where Americans resided, The Times then drew a quarter-mile circle to determine how many people lived in close proximity to the killings. Often, it was not just one killing, but two or three

 In extreme cases, a dozen fatal shootings or more fell within those circles. Enter your address to see how many fatal shootings took place near you…”