Monday, May 20, 2024

How to block websites on your iPhone

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— Fulton Sheen, born  in 1895

7 AI Tools That Answer Questions From Your PDFs - MakeUseOf

MakeUseOf: “Whether for your studies or work, going through lengthy PDF files to find particular information can become extremely tedious. However, you can make things easier using AI tools that answer questions from your PDFs, cutting down the time you spend searching for specific data…”

How to block websites on your iPhone Mashable: “Whether you’re trying to manage screen time and avoid certain websites, or whether you’re setting some boundaries on your kid’s device, there’s an easy way to block sites on your iPhone

If it’s specifically the latter, you can also set up parental controls on your iPhone — just know they’re not the full answer. But if you’re keen to know how to simply filter websites directly so they don’t show up in Safari, here’s an easy guide…”

How to Download an Image From a Google Doc how to Geek: “Key Takeaways

  • To grab all images, go to File > Download > Web Page, unzip the download, and browse the “images” folder.
  • If you only need one image, right-click it, select View More Actions > Save to Keep, then download the image from Google Keep.
  • For a quick and dirty method, take a screenshot—but this may not retain the image’s original size or quality.

Ordinarily, you can right-click an image on the web to save it directly to your computer, but this isn’t possible in Google Docs. Thankfully, there are several simple workarounds to download the images you need…”

Google now offers ‘web’ search and an AI opt-out button The Verge: “This is not a joke: Google will now let you perform a “web” search. It’s rolling out “web” searches now, and in my early tests on desktop, it’s looking like it could be an incredibly popular change to Google’s search engine. 

The optional setting filters out almost all the other blocks of content that Google crams into a search results page, leaving you with links and text — and Google confirms to The Verge that it will block the company’s new AI Overviews as well…“Web” is just a filter that removes Google’s knowledge panels and featured snippets and Shopping modules — and Google’s new AI Overviews as well, Google spokesperson Ned Adriance confirms to The Verge. “AI Overviews are a feature in Search, just like a knowledge panel or a featured snippet, so they will not appear when someone uses the web filter for a search.” It doesn’t magically fix some of the issues facing Google’s search engine

But it is a giant opt-out button for people who’ve been aggravated by some of the company’s seemingly self-serving moves, and a way to preserve the spirit of the 10 blue links even as Google’s AI efforts try to leave them behind. Danny Sullivan, Google’s Public Liaison for Search, says he’s been asking for something like this for years…”

What I wish I’d known before my smartphone was snatched – unpaywalled: “Phone theft is rising at a rapid pace. And far more lucrative than the value of the handset, organised criminal gangs know that our smartphones have become the gateway to a vast amount of our personal financial information. 

They will go to incredible lengths to steal phones unlocked, deploying tactics including “shoulder surfing” and even covertly filming targets to obtain passcodes before phones are stolen, knowing this can unlock passwords for apps and other services. Disabling a phone’s location signal and locking us out buys them more time to plunder our digital wallets, financial apps and steal digital assets such as crypto, plus our personal details and photos. Chillingly, these could be used to defraud us in future — or target our friends and family members. I lost a phone, and several days of my life dealing with the financial fallout, and I was lucky not to lose more.

 However, I have gained valuable knowledge about what’s fuelling this crime wave and how we can all better protect ourselves …