Friday, May 31, 2024

Trump Guilty: Striking the balance between journalists’ private free speech rights and the public duty

In a sea of spineless men, there is a satisfying poetic justice in the idea of Trump being brought down by Stormy Daniels

It's also bizarre and weird how 1 felony can prevent you from getting a federal job, but 34 can't stop you from running for President! #TeamDl

Al Capone - 5 felony convictions John Gotti - 13 felony convictions Donald Trump - 34 felony convictions...and counting.

Making Amerika sane again

How the hell do we live in a world where evangelicals believe everything that happens is “God’s will” … except the guilty verdict for Donald Trump today?

Trump hush-money trial updates: New York jury finds ex-president guilty

huffpost - The Verdict: Inside The Courtroom As Donald Trump Learned He Had Been Convicted

The New Yorker released a new cover illustration Thursday mocking Donald Trump barely an hour after the former president was convicted on all 34 charges in the Stormy Daniels hush money case.

Writer E. Jean Carroll had a one-word response following a Manhattan jury’s historic guilty verdict against former President Donald Trump on Thursday.

“Justice!!” she wrote in a post on the social media platform X, accompanied by a photo of Stormy Daniels, the porn star who was a key witness in the hush money trial.

Trump guilty on all counts: breaking down the media coverage of the historic trial

Despite the lack of cameras in the courtroom, the on-screen guilty counters and reports from the trial painted a vivid picture of a historic moment.

May 31, 2024

Striking the balance between journalists’ private free speech rights and the public duty they owe to impartiality and their employer’s reputation is one of the most complex ethical issues confronting the media today.

Laura Tingle statement 

ABC counsels Laura Tingle over ‘racist country’ comments but journalist stands by remarks

Statement by Justin Stevens, ABC Director, News

Laura Tingle's remarks at the Sydney Writers' Festival at the weekend lacked the context, balance and supporting information of her work for the ABC and would not have met the ABC's editorial standards. Although the remarks were conversational, and not made in her work capacity, the ABC and its employees have unique obligations in the Australian media. Today she has explained her remarks in more detail to ensure there is a factual record of the relevant context and detail. The ABC's editorial standards serve a vital role. Laura has been reminded of their application at external events as well as in her work and I have counselled her over the remarks.

Laura Tingle is one of Australia's most experienced, knowledgeable and accomplished journalists. During her career, including working for The Australian, the AFR and the ABC, she has always sought to better inform Australians by cutting through the politics that often alienates them. The ABC strongly believes hearing informed and independent voices is valuable to our society

"We're seeing state capture by the gas industry that is not paying royalties, not paying petroleum resource rent tax for offshore LNG exports." "And then many of these multinationals are managing to minimise their corporate tax." "This has to end." Royal Leeches

Obscure federal intelligence bureau that got Vietnam, Iraq, Ukraine right

Vox: “Every American knows what the CIA is. I would guess that maybe 1 in 1,000 have ever heard of INR — the State Department’s Bureau of Intelligence and Research, American diplomats’ in-house intelligence agency.

 But if you do know about INR, you probably know two things: It has gotten big stuff right when the CIA and others screwed up. 

When it got that big stuff right, no one listened to it. INR is the Cassandra of American intelligence, and it earned that reputation the hard way…”

Macron tells New Caledonians he will not force through voting reform that sparked riots France24

Ticketmaster is the latest company to be hacked. Here's how to check if you've been affected by a data breach

"Words are what matter,” Ursula K. Le Guin once wrote, “the sharing of words.”

These are very powerful Havel-Like words!!! "We are a society of altruists governed by psychopaths"

Battle Machine New Left Review. Spain, Podemos.

Sunak suffers series of setbacks on first day of UK election campaign FT


Chinese national arrested over 'world's largest' cybercrime botnet

Rosenberg: Putin’s military purge echoes Prigozhin’s call to act BBC

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‘New ground is being broken’: EU seizes Russian profits for Ukraine Al Jazeera


Putin Allows US Assets in Russia to Be Seized for Retaliation Bloomberg

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Italy repeats it is not sending soldiers for war in Ukraine Anadolu Agency


Unit X The subtitle of this new and excellent book is How the Pentagon and Silicon Valley are Transforming the Art of War.  It is written not by journalists but two insiders to the process, namely Raj M. Shah and Christopher Kirchoff.  Here you can read about Eric Schmidt, Brendan McCord, Anduril, Palantir, and much more.

I am not yet finished with the book, in the meantime here is one short excerpt, one that sets the stage for much of what follows:

It turned out that before Silicon Valley tech could be used on the battlefield, we had to go to war to buy it.  We had to hack the Pentagon itself — its archaic acquisition procedures, which prevent moving money at Silicon Valley speed.  In Silicon Valley, deals are done in days.  The eighteen- to twenty-four month process for finalizing contracts used by most of the Pentagon was a nonstarter.  No startup CEO trying to book revenue can wait for the earth to circle the sun twice.  We needed a new way.

And this bit:

Ukraine avoided power interruptions in part because its over-engineered power grid boasts twice the capacity that the country needs — ironically, the system was originally designed by the Soviets to withstand a NATO attack.

The authors understand both the worlds of tech and bureaucracy very well, kudos to them