Friday, April 17, 2015

Rush Hour Read

Muslim - Migrants Christians thrown overboard

"If you want to become president, you can." Putin tells kid. Should've given him some real advice, like join the FSB / Putin was second on charge of KGB when millions of Czech crown and Russian rubels were moved to Swiss secrecy banks in 1980s... Almost weeks after they heard that someone actually survived Czech iron curtain crossing the kommunists began shifting their ill gotten profits to tax havens

Vladimir Putin unlucky13th question and answer session

While the QandA appears to be unscripted, questions were submitted a week prior and according to Mashable, “clearly vetted by the Kremlin to avoid criticism and controversial topics

Most Sydneysiders are rich according to media - while Jozef Imrich remains poor as the church mouse ... Sydney Rules the world as the most expensive place
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