Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Globe Hoppers

NASA astronaut Scott Kelly snapped this photo of Australia from space.
NASA astronaut Scott Kelly snapped this photo of Australia from space
The major corporations fronting the Senate inquiry into corporate tax avoidance this week include Good Google, Bad Apple and interesting orchard of MNIs
Globe Hopping Corps

The names of the companies channelling money to Singapore were redacted by the Australian Tax Office in a document released under Freedom of Information, and Senate committee chairman Sam Dastyari wrote to Mr Jordan on Tuesday requesting he reveal the names to the inquiry Multinational
The Abbott government is facing overwhelming angst about the issue of corporate tax avoidance and the threat to weekend penalty rates in a string of seats it must retain to win back government. Polling Voters 

When asked to give his name and title Mr Packer obliged before adding: "I appear here this afternoon reluctantly."Mr Packer stared down committee member after committee member, including men once spoken of in hushed tones as future leadership material, Michael Lee and Peter Costello. "You're either gonna have to believe me or call me a liar," Mr Packer snarled when one committee member found his answer difficult to believe Packer

Abusive Tax Avoidance and Institutional Corruption: The Responsibilities of Tax Professionals, by Gillian Brock (Harvard) & Hamish Russell (Toronto)

Krebs on Security, Sign Up at Before Crooks Do It For You:
If you’re an American and haven’t yet created an account at, you may want to take care of that before tax fraudsters create an account in your name and steal your personal and tax data in the process. ...
The IRS’s process for verifying people requesting transcripts is vulnerable to exploitation by fraudsters because it relies on static identifiers and so-called “knowledge-based authentication” (KBA)  — i.e., challenge questions that can be easily defeated with information widely available for sale in the cybercrime underground and/or with a small amount of searching online