Monday, April 01, 2013

Out of Clutter Find Simplicity

We all know what Albert Einstein achieved. He was passionate about what he did and was utterly dedicated to his work and used three basic rules for work:
• Out of clutter find simplicity
• From discord find harmony
In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity ; Boeing commercial airplanes chief Jim Albaugh has the benefit of hindsight, and has candidly admitted that the global outsourcing strategy to save on costs, has completely backfired. "We spent a lot more money in trying to recover than we ever would have spent if we'd tried to keep the key technologies closer to home," Albaugh told a large audience of students and faculty, according to the Seattle Times. What you can learn from Boeing

The Next Big Thing How to Analyze Information

Has some interesting intell insights from the Cold war and beyond. Eg. •The key intelligence skill is that you have to know what you’re looking for in order to find it

Herbert E. Meyer served during the Reagan administration as special assistant to the director of Central Intelligence, and vice chairman of the CIA’s National Intelligence Council. He is widely credited as having been the first senior official to predict the fall of the Soviet Union. He’s also, written a number of good books (including How to Analyze Information: A Step-by-Step Guide to Life’s Most Vital Skill, and The Cure for Poverty: It’s the Free Market: History’s Greatest Invention), plus he often speaks to groups of business executives.

The Next Big Thing From The Official Who Predicted Communism's Demise ; [ Danielle Sacks, Fast Company, January 25, 2013. The former spy who stumbled upon a covert career with the CIA in, of all places, a classified ad, shares how a life undercover informed her more conspicuous role in the corporate world Work Like A Spy: An Ex-CIA Officer's Tips For Business Success; A growing number of social media sites such as Neighborland and Neighborly in the USA and Hukkatila.ry in Finland aim to create local engagement and change ]

• · IPsoft’s Eliza, a “virtual service-desk employee” that learns on the job and can reply to e-mail, answer phone calls and hold conversations, is being tested by several multinationals. At one American media giant she is answering 62,000 calls a month from the firm’s information-technology staff. She is able to solve two out of three of the problems without human help. Rise of the software machines: The attractions of employing Czech invention of Capek - robots; Industries as diverse as software, real estate services and even manufacturing are moving towards the subscription economy. Here’s why you should take advantage of this Why you should subscribe, not buy, services

• · · Growth of the Digital universe infographic Cloud Infographic – Big Data Universe ;. By Paul Krugman- A couple of years ago, the journalist Nicholas Shaxson published a fascinating, chilling book titled "Treasure Islands," which explained how international tax havens - which are also, as the author pointed out, "secrecy jurisdictions" where many rules don't apply - undermine economies around the world. Not only do they bleed revenues from cash-strapped governments and enable corruption; they distort the flow of capital, helping to feed ever-bigger financial crises. Treasure Island Trauma

• · · · How much trust do you have in what you read or hear in the following media? Trust in media; Business Insider 10 Companies That Are Radically Changing The Way We Work ; By the end of this talk, there will be 864 more hours of video on YouTube and 2.5 million more photos on Facebook and Instagram. So how do we sort through the deluge? At the TEDSalon in London, Markham Nolan shares the investigative techniques he and his team use to verify information in real-time, to let you know if that Statue of Liberty image has been doctored or if that video leaked from Syria is legitimate. NB. You’ll need to watch this at home or on a standalone. TED: Markham Nolan: How to separate fact and fiction

• · · · · The Future Role of Civil Society, highlights key trends and possible trajectories for civil society and its relationship with other sectors through to 2030 Emerging Civil Society Models Point Way to Creating a Resilient Society; City councillors too often get panicked by the slightest amount of political pressure Bega council plays politics with Woolworths ; The authors studied how being anxious impacted peoples' openness to accept advice and their likelihood of following poor guidance Why Anxiety Makes You a Sucker for Bad Advice

• · · · · · There’s a crisis in the housing market — and it’s not about mortgage rates and property prices. Renters are increasingly squeezed into tiny places with unaffordable rates, writes market analyst Catherine Cashmore Housing affordability A tiny shack for $300 a week? The real crisis in housing; Central bankers cannot identify epic asset bubbles for two primary reasons: lousy economic theory and an unwillingness to take responsibility Comparing Australian and US housing