Friday, April 19, 2013

Mighty Mare Black Caviar: White & Salmon Streamers

"Fiction is Truth's elder sister. Obviously. No one in the world knew what truth was till some one had told a story."
Rudyard Kipling, "Fiction"

She truly was the people's horse, so what better way to honour Black Caviar upon her retirement than with an Elton John-esque ditty.

Randwick was awash with traditional black and white for Australian Derby day on Saturday, but hundreds of racegoers broke the strict dress code to salute the champion mare by donning hints of her signature salmon pink...So it was not just Black Caviar's jockey Luke Nolen donning salmon and black ... Salmon and white streamers burst across the public lawn moments after Black Caviar crossed the line four lengths clear; a tickertape finale to a night of celebration never before seen on a Randwick Doncaster racetrack. Malchshkeon could not believe how stunning her eyes, her face, her manners were as she walked past her.  "It was all very emotional.  The light was tricky, the build up impossible.  As ever, the juggernaut that IS Black Caviar gains speed with every turn she makes." Black Caviar, the world’s top- ranked thoroughbred sprinter, was retired four days after extending her perfect career record to 25 victories Queen of Turf: Black Caviar in Sydney

Fashionistas seeking to take out the Vogue Australia & GQ Australia Style Stakes may need to be careful with their colour Choices at the races ... White Sydney & The unbeaten Black Caviar