Monday, April 08, 2013

New Non-Fiction: How To Be Interesting After Swimming Across Cold River

At indexed, a Seattle writer named Jessica Hagy diagrams life. She crosses one idea with another mathematically, and the result is a new lens -- a new and often invigorating way to look at the world. I wondered how all this came about, and in a recent interview Hagy was kind enough to share the origins with me.
"It started with the “How to Be Interesting” post on that went viral, attracting over 1.4 million viewers so far, with tens of thousands liking, linking, and tweeting the article. I was pondering personal assets in business, modern virtues if you will. I thought that being interesting was the greatest one. It’s more vital than hustle or education, more important than good networking. It’s a core attribute that draws people toward each other, and greases the wheels of love and commerce and politics. From that point, I noodled out what it meant to be interesting: and those ideas are now this book " New Non-Fiction: How To Be Interesting

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