Thursday, April 25, 2013

Toward Eternity at Howell: MeDia Dragon Bohemian Heroes Orwell & Havel

Plainly Anzac Day is more important to us all than Australia Day, if attendances at Dawn services are anything to go by What does it mean to be 'Australian'?

After Orwell - on the wait for a truly political modern British writer After Howell is Settled ... ~ So it is a boon to Anglophone literature that New York's Theater 61 Press has published The Havel rock n roll:-) Collection, allowing non-Czech speakers to read a significant selection of Havel's plays for the first time. These five volumes, featuring eight plays, are the most comprehensive collection of Havel's plays published in English to date After Havel a Collection of Memories

Spies like us Spooks, oligarchs and spin in Le Carré’s modern-day London. John Gapper reviews ‘A Delicate Truth’ Spies like us

James Bond of Eternal Drinking ~ Another Jack travelling through Yugoslavia

How to Tell a Joke on the Internet ~ A serious non compliance writer uses his Amazon success as somewhat of a personal ad for a “research assistant”. Best-Selling Author Seeks Female Participant for Erotic Novel Research