Sunday, March 31, 2013

How to take a Photograph

How to take a photograph

Catch the sun
in the frame, just above
the point of setting
so my skin glows
and my eyes are shadowed
and the apartment buildings that bore me
at noon are irradiated
with warm alien light.
I’ll look away from your eye,
your eyes, and think of something
sweet enough to smile at,
but not funny enough to drag out
a laugh. Hold in your lens
my collarbones, the length
of my eyelashes, and I’ll tilt
my chin at the exact angle
of invitation, of mystery.
Copyright © 2013 by Brooke Grasberger
Constant Current of Cold River

Edwina Tims going back in time February 2013:

OK -it's 1:53pm on Tuesday 02/26 in Bratislava, Slovakia.... and the sun just came out for the first time since I left Atlanta on Saturday. Temps are still low and the snow is still on the ground if on the dirty side now.
It has been 20 yrs since I was last in Slovakia and it has changed - become more westernized. More advertising, new buildings, lots of young folks in fashionable clothes. The apartment blocks still look like they used to - flat concrete sided structures.
The Sheraton Bratislava is AWESOME. Forgot I was a Starwood Perfered Guest and have ended up on a special floor with some additional niceties. Instead of checking out the National Gallery as planned on Sunday after my arrival, I decided to visit the in-house spa - sauna and a massage (prices the same as the US, except in Euros). Well work the effort after a less than comfortable coach class flight.
Food is fantastic (braised veal cheeks, with honey sauteed onions, pureed turnips and a red whine reduction sauce last night... and a glorious creme brulee - mouth feel was sheer decadence). Even the mall food court where we have lunch is very civilized - real plates... they actually garnish the food.