Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Are We Ready for an Internet Cold War?

On a recent morning I awoke at first light, around 4:30 A.M., with the notion that poets were anthropologists of the soul. When I say I’m a poet, I mean I spend time placing things adjacent to one another and seeing what results. It’s like making a mosaic without having a fixed image or pattern or link to follow: "In poetry, language moves the way it does in dreams, where everything is superimposed very rapidly on everything else."

"[T]here’s an arbitrariness to what history allows to survive and what it doesn’t. Sometimes a cannonball, sometimes an earthquake, sometimes a bulldozer. And so things get piled on top of things and people try to make sense but there is no sense." -“I’m a storyteller at heart"

What kind of time is the time of tragedy? As the threat of a cyber war with the Chinese becomes more imminent, it's fascinating to consider how much the early stage of this cyber war actually resembles the Cold War of the nuclear age. Instead of the threat  of nuclear warheads capable of taking out communications systems and power grids, we now have malicious code capable of taking down nuclear reactors We are already fighting an Internet Cold War, we just don’t yet know it

"It should be noted that the Baroness had written a number of suicidal letters to Barnes around this time (she was short on funds and the winter was very long), but still, it looked like a mistake, or a joke. That is to say, 'coffee' is close enough to 'coffin.' L.H.O.O.Q." Vanessa Place • Constant Critic (