Thursday, March 07, 2013

Great Expectations of Imagination

"The imagination loses vitality as it ceases to adhere to what is real. When it adheres to the unreal and intensifies what is unreal, while its first effect may be extraordinary, that effect is the maximum effect that it will ever have."
Wallace Stevens, "Imagination as Value"

Claudia Karvan is that relatively rare thing – a child star whose career has maintained its upward trajectory. As she continues to branch out into writing, directing and producing. Last night Claudia (Wolfe) Kavan had nice things to sing aboUt Jozef and MD Claudia Kavan

Natalie Miller Fellowship Fundraising Screenings: Great Expectations By Director Mike Newel The fundraising screenings will be held at Hoyts Cinemas across Sydney, Melbourne and Perth. The Natalie Miller Fellowship's Patron, Australian actress Claudia Karvan will host the Sydney preview, as well as introduce NMF's inaugural recipient, Rachel Okine. Sue Maslin will host the Melbourne screening with keynote speeches by Carol Schwartz, one of Australia's leading business identities and Chair of Creative Partnerships Australia and Natalie Miller OAM SYDNEY, HOYTS ENTERTAINMENT QUARTER
Hosted by Claudia Karvan

Mo Yan isn't a dissident or an apologist. He is an individualist. “A great writer has to be like a whale, breathing steadily a alone in the depths of the ( cold rivers )”...

Amanda Prowse on Marcus Zusak’s The Book Thief: “I read it non-stop and felt the cramp in my stomach from the tense, gut-wrenching fear of anticipation on every page.” Book of a lifetime William Faulkner once said that the artist is “a creature driven by demons — he usually doesn’t know why they chose him and he’s usually too busy to wonder why.” The demons chose wisely in his case, yet you and I would be foolish to count on their discretion. I say that as someone who has tried and failed to publish a novel for a good decade, despite efforts that any dispassionate observer would consider impressive, if not outright troubling.Shire boys from the edge of the forest apologise for nasty book reviews

Leo Robson on Aleksandar Hemon’s The Book of My Lives: “Hemon’s title tries to turn the book’s lack of unity into a strength and even a theme – he has been at different points a teenage scallywag and a cautious immigrant , an accidental agitator and a conscious radical, a Sarajevan and a Chicagoan.”

“Imagination is the beginning of creation. You imagine what you desire, you will what you imagine and at last you create what you will.”
- George Bernard Shaw