Friday, March 15, 2013

Room Double 1 Double 2

Eddie Obeid's claims to a corruption inquiry that he played no part in his family's business interests have been contradicted by his read books ~ private diaries, which list scores of meetings with Sydney's most influential people, some of whom did deals with companies tied to the former Labor minister's family. Diaries; Room 1122 in the Parliament House of NSW may look unremarkable, but it was from this room that Labor powerbroker Eddie Obeid effectively ran the state. Three years of diary entries - from 2007 to 2009 - reflect an astonishing parade of politicians, developers, departmental chiefs, union bosses, business figures and colourful Sydney characters who were shown into the inner sanctum of room 1122. inner sanctum where the state was run; One of Sydney's top silks has been found dead at the base of cliffs on Sydney’s northern beaches. Mr Branson represented former NSW planning minister Tony Kelly and solicitor John Gerathy at the ICAC hearings. Christopher Branson RIP

Liberal party backbencher Catherine Cusack has launched a ferocious attack in Parliament on Labor MP Walt Secord, labelling him a ''liar, a cheat and a bully'' and accusing him of being ''the perfect replacement'' for Eddie Obeid Lib attacks Secord: liar, cheat, bully Mr Secord was communications tsar for former premier Bob Carr and was credited with many of the successful media strategies pioneered in NSW and eventually adopted by other Labor state leaders

Auburn City Council has sacked its whistleblowing general manager and moved to give councillors a greater role in council affairs Council sacks manager who acted ethically