Wednesday, May 18, 2005

The Litblog Co-op choose yesterday to announce their first Read This! selection, Kate Atkinson's CASE HISTORIES. will their selection move the sales needle in any meaningful way? First Blog Reading Selection Named

Fire, fire, fire in a stack of needles - How likely are you to come across reality sale at FictionWise? Winning Through Obscurity & Worst Marketing ... Bringing the aesthetics of Hunter S. Thompson to the Web: More affordable than ever: Super Duper Troika Bargain Books on the Bank of the Cold River; Heavilly biased American Librarians are having a clearance sale on Unshelved stuff :-) Turning Strangers Into Friends And Friends Into Royallless Readers Shifting rivers at the speed of byte (Sound like a bargain? Then maybe it is too good to be true ;-)

Art of Living & Literature Across Frontiers: Desperate Rage
On 16 May 2005 AD our society is finally celebrating the value of older women, but there's a catch ...

If there's one thing generation Y can thank the baby boomers for, it's that they are making the ageing process look a whole lot less scary than it used to.
In 1965, The Who's Roger Daltry captured the spirit of a generation when he crooned the lyric I hope I die before I get old. In 1975, my mother, then a teenager, told her overbearing father that if she had her way, everyone over 30 would be shot. By 1995, the cast of Friends had us raving about prolonged "adulescence" and claiming 30 was the new 13. And this year, the most popular show on Australian television is a window into the lives of glamorous middle-aged housewives

Cool to be forty-odd, as long as you don't look it [Inside Higher Ed -- The Power of 3 Who would have thought that the number three could wield such power? ; Rehabilitating Cynicism: Art as Political Action ]
• · History is making a surreal comeback. It is reasonable to ask why ; What makes some years iconic and not others?
• · · Founding Myths: Stories That Hide Our Patriotic Past ;
• · · · A German Shakespeare, Dante, and Pushkin rolled into one, Goethe is a randy iconoclast, a pure spirit who made language dance Poetic vistas of eternity

A book's power lies in its ability to erase us, to expand or contract without limit, to circle inside itself without beginning or end, to defy our imaginary timetables and lay us bare to a more basic ticking. The pages we read are a nowhen, unfolding far outside the public arena. As long as we remain in them, now reveals itself to be the baldest of inventions.
- Richard Powers