Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Here's something to watch from SiliconBeat. Craig Newmark, founder of the classifieds sight, craigslist, has recently stated that he the citizens journalism movement appeals greatly to him and that there is a possibility that his sight will eventually branch out into this evolving medium. I think citizen journalism is a huge force that's going to get greater and greater Craigslist to adopt citizens journalism? The World’s Ire May Be a Good Sign

The Blog, The Press, The Media: Editing our future
With art, history decides what lasts. When it comes to websites, Steve Meacham reports, some of our librarians just can't wait.

It sounds like something the late Douglas Adams, with his sense of the absurd, might have dreamt up for The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. In June a group of dedicated librarians shut away in a monolithic Canberra building will set loose a robot which, they hope, will devour Australia.
"We're going to take a whole domain harvest," says their leader, Margaret Phillips. "We'll set a gathering robot to seed Australian websites. That should give us a realistic picture of the Australian domain over one month."

Many of the earliest Australian websites may now appear crude, amateur and irrelevant. But, says Bruns, so did the first attempts at long fiction by 18th-century novelists, which were also "much maligned … seen by some as an artistically worthless form of cheap entertainment for the masses, and an agent of moral corruption". By the time of Dickens and Tolstoy, the novel had become one of our most respected cultural forms - capable not just of reflecting the emotional conflicts of a changing society but also of being a vehicle for the exchange of ideas.
The Pandora project: The Great Legacy Of Warren Horton [David Francis, CS Monitor In This Recovery, Corporations Win - Workers Lose ; A triumph for Lebanon's Cedar Revolution ]
• · The history of Australian publishing is littered with well-intentioned attempts to create an independent highbrow title – The National Times, The Independent Monthly, The Eye, The Republican, The Unicorn – and you've got to work hard to supress the urge to wonder whether in a few years time all the speeches will have a hollow ring. Monthly: Morry Schwartz, silver-haired property developer and founder of Black Inc and Quarterly Essay
• · · I've gone down to the tee-ball games on the South Lawn in the Summer, claims Gannon when asked what he was doing at the White House on days when there were no press conferences. To Maher's mention of his website, Gannon provides this well-crafted retort: Usually people become reporters before they prostitute themselves. Jeff Gannon vs. Bill Maher (video); When Columnists Cry 'Jihad'
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• · · · · The big papers and magazines consider themselves the core source of news--the news that many blogs feed off for their comments and insights Prediction: Mainstream press will open archives ; via Blogspotting
• · · · · · In a dramatic sign that Web logs are going mainstream, three of the largest political blogs are banding together to form what is believed to be a first-of-its kind ad-supported network Three Political Web Logs Make a Run for the Mainstream ; The more details that come out about Pajama Media's proposed blogger network Pajamas Media gets mainstream media coverage