Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Blogs abound, and so do commentaries on the blogging phenomenon. Some of these commentaries confine themselves to exhortation - blog or die, in effect - but most take one of two lines. The enthusiasts identify a social revolution of overwhelming significance that will change for the better the way we do just about everything. For the sceptics, on the other hand, the barbarians are at the gate, although like all barbarians, they will be repelled eventually, if we just learn to take the long view Like many enthusiasts for the blogging revolution, Hewitt is much clearer on the journey than he is on the destination

The Blog, The Press, The Media: Media reform on the fast-track
Communications Minister Helen Coonan has announced she wants to free the Australian media industry from the current ownership restrictions as early as this year.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, Senator Coonan says the current laws give media companies 'no room to move'.
Senator Coonan's comments, originally reported by The Australian Financial Review, could pave the way for mergers between television, radio and newspaper companies as soon as this year. 'I am both committed and determined that we will get some media reform, and hopefully later this year,' Senator Coonan said. Some cross-media ownership controls would remain, depending on how deals affected media diversity, she said. Cross-media ownership law reforms were last in the spotlight two years ago. The federal government's efforts to change the laws were denied after the opposition and minor parties rejected the proposals, calling them 'a threat to democracy'.

If it breeds, it leads: by Ryan Mason [Kerry Packer’s Publishing and Broadcasting Limited is planning to build a new underwater casino in Macau Giant Gambling Fishbowl ; No Chinese press course ]
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