Thursday, March 27, 2008

People love hierarchies. When anarchists get together to form an anarchist association, the first thing they do is elect a governing committee...

The temptation to choose and shape stories to maximise ad revenue may be overwhelming, especially when most online media sites are losing money or surviving on wafer-thin profit margins. The death of quality journalism - or - how to give a story Google juice

Martina Navratilova returns to her Czech roots ABC jumps into digital hyper drive
The ABC has leapt further into the digital media age, announcing a 24/7 "continuous news centre" and more than 60 new websites pushing local news to regional communities.

A wonderful egalitarian world of knowledge on the web? Hardly, says Tyler Cowen. Error, falsehood, and lies abound on the Internet.

• Cooked Digital Books Why are we still surprised when "non-fiction" is less than truthful?; [Our ABC Tale ; So there you are, living through a phase in your exuberant youth which you will one day find embarrassing. As your family and maybe your high school sweetheart does already. But you live in the Ukraine, and you decide to play with some very unpleasant people and somehow you get dead. Russian Mafia; Fascinating pictures. Certainly gives one a better understanding of the criminal psyche and the criminal world in general. History of tractors? Soviets now Capitalists…; ‘False face must hide what the false heart doth know”
Another Underbelly]
• · Vladimir Putin used to be careful to pay lip service to democracy and the rule of law. That’s how every ruler of Russia had talked since Gorbachev. A Touch of Menace - Who was fooled? ; Marcel Proust’s Jewishness may have allowed him to perceive more sharply the hypocrisy and hostility exposed in the Dreyfus affair Madame Proust: A Biography
• · The Old Country Slavic minister's speech on Morava River: Me and my two mates and our old story; The recent death of Roy Scheider got me thinking about storytelling. In his iconic role as Police Chief Brody, Scheider connects us into the heart of Steven Spielberg’s Oscar-winning movie Jaws
• · · Imrich and so are my maaates Lessons from the Failure of the Communist Economic System ; George Soros, Zdeněk Bakala and Robert Amsterdam, lawyer of Mikhail Khodorkovsky, meet in Prague for PASOS debate Soros and Bakala
• · · · Czech President Vaclav Klaus seamlessly sailed to his second five-year term as he was sworn into office at a joint session of the bicameral parliament held and some Czech powermakers like to stay youngKlaus; TENNIS great Martina Navratilova has regained her Czech nationality more than 30 years after fleeing its communist rule to live in the US. After 30 years, Navratilova's Czech again
• · · · · It can be tough earning 'domestic Sydney' wages but paying 'global Sydney' mortgages. But it is all about supply and demand. The Sydney paradox; Courtesy of Stephen B Sydney from the sky
• · · · · · Imrich and a longtime fan of that most powerful of icons, the smiley face. ; Sad face "In a sometimes tearful, often contrite telephone interview" the author
known as Margaret B. Jones (actually Margaret "Peggy" Seltzer) admitted to the NYT that her "memoir" LOVE AND CONSEQUENCES "was entirely fabricated Gang Memoir, Turning Page, Is Pure Fiction