Wednesday, March 01, 2023

Wrong way driver crashes; complains about oncoming cars being in her way

 Owner of Australia's most famous restaurant hits back at critic who branded his $68 pasta a 'joke' - after slamming bad customers and 'keyboard warriors'

Sydney One of Sydney’s most colourful business identities has again hit the headlines following the arrest of his daughter and police raids on his home and property development firm Toplace. Jean Nassif, whose Sydney company once attracted the moniker “dodgy developer” in comments made under parliamentary privilege, first emerged as a prominent public figure in the building and construction sector four years ago.

Hubert Horan: Can Uber Ever Deliver? Part Thirty-Two: Losses Top $33 Billion But Uber Has Avoided The Equity Collapse Most “Tech” Startups Experienced

An update on Uber financial fakery and continued lack of bona fide profits.

Supreme Court rules 9-0 that bankruptcy filers can’t avoid debt incurred by another’s fraud CNBC 


Supreme Court Rejects Ohio Man’s Bid To Sue Police Over Arrest of Facebook Parody NBC

Top Stories
Six Nigerians indicted for inheritance fraud
  • Three lived in Spain; three in the UK
  • One has been extradited from the UK
  • Contacted victims telling them of big inheritance
  • But needed to pay “taxes” and other fees
  • Used other victims as mules
Chainalysis releases 2022 Crypto Fraud Report
  • Losses hit an all time high of $20.6 billion (excluding FTX etc)
  • Majority of that was ransomware
  • Stolen funds up 7%
  • Pump and dump fake token investments a major problem
Ponzi schemes up sharply in 2022; one quarter of them involve crypto; losses of $5.3 billion
PayPal has suffered a “credential stuffing” attack; 35,000 affected; thus crooks are hacking into accounts; if you are contacted by PayPal make sure it is really them


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