Friday, March 24, 2023

Josef Myslivecek: Sydney Czech and Slovak Film Festival

 The Sydney Czech & Slovak Film Festival returns for its 10thanniversary with a selection of 12 of the best cinematic offerings, most of which are Australian premieres and followed by the screening of a short film.

‘Warhol cooked us scrambled eggs. Or was it Rauschenberg?’ – Gilbert and George preserve their greatest moments Guardian 

Il Boemo – this absolutely magnificent and mesmerizing award winning Biopic which opens the festival delves into the unknown life of 18th Century Czech composer Josef Myslivecek.

His tragic life is detailed; from humble beginnings in Prague, he rose to fame as an accomplished musician and ultimately achieved respectability and much accolade as an opera composer. He inspired Mozart and a good friendship followed. Enjoy a free Becherovka cocktail on arrival.

Borders Of Love is the controversial closing night movie that may raise eyebrows. What happens when a married couple who are bored with their dwindling sex life decide to invite other people into their bedrooms? Could the attempt to spice up their sex life prove to be disastrous to their relationship? Enjoy a glass of beer or wine on arrival.

The Enchanted Cave is a G-rated family friendly movie experience that will transport audiences to another time, another place in the mountainous mining regions of the Slovak mountains. In this fairy tale which explores themes of self-courage and love, the balance of an entire kingdom will be disrupted. Experience the mystery and adventure that this gem of a movie has to offer. All children’s names will go into a raffle to win a beautiful handmade toy.

The Barnabas Kos Case – this satirical comedy about the male species who desperately desire power should be perfect viewing for festival attendees who enjoy the classics.  A disillusioned Symphony Orchestra member who plays the triangle is appointed by the government to be the new director – what happens if he decides to decline the appointment?

Other Hot Picks 

My Sunny Maad – A family friendly animated drama which explores the family unit. What awaits a Czech woman when she falls in love with an Afghan man in post-Taliban Afghanistan?

Medieval – surrounds the 15th Century Czech warlord Jan Zizka who was victorious in battles against the Holy Roman Empire and The Teutonic Order.

The Ballad Of Piargy – Set in 1939, a village is buried under an avalanche. There is only one survivor – is he the antichrist? A multi award winning movie with themes of love, lust, and guilt.


March 24 – April 2   

Dendy Newtown, 261 – 263 King St, Newtown