Wednesday, March 29, 2023

2023: Avi-Yonah: The 1923 Report And The International Tax Revolution

 Life isn't about getting to the top; it's about being satisfied with what you've gone through and still being hungry for more.

Barack Obama on Twitter

Obama in Sydney: Rupert Murdoch has fuelled polarisation of society, Barack Obama says

Avi-Yonah: The 1923 Report And The International Tax Revolution

World stocks gyrate as bank contagion fears biteReuters. Capital allocation is an important social function, and delegating it to easily panicked herd animals makes total sense, in this best of all possible worlds.

First Republic Bank Founder Earned a Big Payday—as Did His Family Members WSJ. My bad. I meant to say “easily panicked corruptherd animals.”

Executive pay at Silicon Valley Bank soared after big bet on riskier assets FT

Bank failures and rescue test Yellen’s decades of experience AP

Jeffrey Epstein banks to face sex-trafficking caseBBC