Sunday, January 09, 2022

Prognosis For 2022: Cautiously Pessimistic

If I win, it's a bonus. If I lose, the sun still comes up the next day, and it's all good.

~Ashleigh Barty


Czech out neatly arranged eggshells by Kristen Meyer. And her saltine arrangement is still extremely satisfying. You can check out more of her work on her website and at Instagram

Prognosis For 2022: Cautiously Pessimistic – Part I Awful Avalanche. Part II

The Lingering Trauma of the East German Police State - The Atlantic.

All over the world, authoritarian regimes still use some of the tactics favored by the East German dictatorship—informers are still widely used, for instance. But states are now using modern technology to oppress their citizens in ways simply unavailable to the Stasi—by monitoring movements, spying on communications, and tracking financial transactions, to name just a few. The tools, in fact, are available to (and used by) companies and the governments of liberal democracies, too. “States now have far more power than the Stasi,” David Murakami Wood, a surveillance sociologist and an associate professor at Queen’s University in Canada, says. “And it’s not just states we have to worry about now.”

Only now, a lot of people don’t seem to care. I am amazed at the trust so many people put in what the government tells them.

Doyle was not just a famous crime author and a physician, but also a passionate member of the spiritualist movement.

The man who believed too much One hundred years ago, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle lectured at Yale—not about Sherlock Holmes, but about talking to the dead.

Oldest WWII veteran dies at 112: Lawrence Brooks called 'best of America' by President Biden | Daily Mail Online.