Sunday, January 02, 2022

How Disgust Drives Behavior

Ontario Police Are Looking Long & Hard For Thieves Who Stole Over $90K Worth Of CondomsNarcity  Must have been planning quite the New Year event

Corporate Profits Drive 60% of Inflation IncreasesMatt Stoller, BIG

  1. Hybrid Logic, by Torben Braüner.
  2. Logic of Belief Revision, by Sven Ove Hansson.
  3. Alfred Schutz, by Michael Barber.
  4. Law and Language, by Timothy Endicott.

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  1. Hannah Arendt by Samantha Rose Hill is reviewed by Michael S. Roth at Los Angeles Review of Books. 
  2. Inseparable by Simone de Beavoir is reviewed by Janique Vigier at Bookforum.

How Disgust Drives Behavior

Once you are attuned to disgust, it is everywhere. On your morning commute, you may observe a tragic smear of roadkill on the highway or shudder at the sight of a rat browsing garbage on the subway tracks.  - The New York Times

“A Ring Of Authenticity”: Period Instruments Make An Astonishing Difference In Kent Nagano’s “Das Rheingold”

"Put it this way," writes David Patrick Stearns, "in a year when Berlin, London, and much of the operatic world were abuzz over higher-profile Ring activity, this — (at least) in the Dutch radio broadcast I caught — was the most important Wagner performance (of 2021)." - Classical Voice North America

How Many Stars Can Hollywood Cram Into One Movie?

More than ever before, both in blockbusters (Spider-Man: No Way Home, Eternals) and prestige pictures (Nightmare Alley, The French Dispatch), casts are being packed with as many above-the-title names as possible. Just now, there are sound business reasons for doing that. - The New York Times

Boston’s New Mayor Has Big Plans For The Arts

"It's impossible to separate out 'arts issues' and 'arts equity' issues, from the stabilization of our communities," says Michelle Wu. Among her priorities are a dedicated income stream for arts funding, making free admission more widely available, and getting more arts into city neighborhoods. - MSN (The Boston Globe)

Los Angeles’s Leading Arts Institutions Will Require Audience Members To Have Booster Shots

Beginning in mid-January, audience members at all performances at the Ahmanson Theater and Mark Taper Forum, as well as those by the Philharmonic and Master Chorale at Disney Hall will have to show proof of booster vaccination status to be admitted. - Yahoo! (Los Angeles Times)

Amid The Omicron Wave, Understudies Have Become The Heroes Of Broadway

As cast members test positive for the new coronavirus variant and have to isolate, these under-recognized performers — many of whom must master two or three roles which they have little chance to rehearse — make the difference between the show going on and getting cancelled. - The New York Times

Filmmaker Jean-Marc Vallée Dies Suddenly At 58

The director of the Oscar-nominated films Dallas Buyers Club and Wild and the series Big Little Lies and Sharp Objects, Vallée was found in his cabin near Quebec City, where he's believed to have had a heart attack on Christmas Day. - Deadline

Belgium Agrees To Return Art Looted During Colonial Period To DR Congo

"The Belgian government plans to set up an expert commission with the Democratic Republic of Congo that will determine the fate of thousands of museum artefacts acquired by Belgium during the colonial era, with a view to making the first restitutions in 2022." - The Art Newspaper

Checking In With Claire Chase’s Multi-Decade Flute Project

Since 2013, she has been commissioning scores for a monumental project called “Density 2036”; when it comes to completion, in the designated year, it will have added as many as a hundred pieces to the flute repertory. - The New Yorker

E.O. Wilson, 92, Often Referred To As Darwin’s Successor

Dr. Wilson was an eloquent and immensely influential environmentalist and was the first to determine that ants communicate mainly through the exchange of chemical substances now known as pheromones. - Washington Post

YOLA Grand Ambitions For Music In LA

It is one of the most vivid examples of efforts by major arts organizations across the country to bring youth education programs out into communities, rather than concentrating them in city centers or urban arts districts. - The New York Times

The Landmine Field That Is Pop Christmas Music

With Christmas pop the companies are on tricky ground. As one company executive put it, the Christmas record needs “an indefinable atmosphere.” Sex is not part of it. - The Guardian