Saturday, May 04, 2019

The Ten Commandments Of Translating The Hebrew Bible (Or Any Scripture, Really)

Nothing is more shocking about old age than the speed with which even the most famous persons are isolated and forgotten.” 
Louis Auchlncloss, The House of the Prophet ... [read more]

When I wake in the morning it’s too quiet. My wife
is lying next to me, asleep.
The radio is silent
and I enjoy the rolling thunder
of the approaching garbage truck
when it rounds the corner.

Lids are clanged and cans being thrown aside
when my radio shrieks.
I squash its hysteria
and the cat jumps onto my hi-hats,
and it’s like a drawer full of silverware
is being shaken out
onto the floor. God I love
the sound of the world shifting
into another gear…
My wife throws aside
the blanket. “I’m late,”
she sighs, seventy years behind her
and the future approaching us head on
like a truck on a one way road, a rack
of bright lights atop its hood,
its horns blaring to get
the hell out of its

Frank Lowy reflects on love, loss and the trauma that shaped him

One of Australia's wealthiest men, the former Westfield boss reveals his tragic and inspiring story in the documentary What Will Become of Us.

The Ten Commandments Of Translating The Hebrew Bible (Or Any Scripture, Really) 

Robert Alter, who finished a new three-volume translation of the text last year, offers thou-shalts and thou-shalt-nots. For example:
“4. Thou shalt not multiply for thyself synonyms where the Hebrew wisely and pointedly uses repeated terms.” (includes interview podcast) – The American Scholar  

How “Go Down Moses” Became Part Of A Passover Tradition

The song is thought to have been written by African-American slaves in about 1800, inspired by the story of Jewish slaves in the Bible. So a double cultural appropriation? – WBUR

New Research: Studying The Arts Boosts Self-Esteem (Even If You Don’t Excel)

Initiatives to promote arts engagement in children may provide a practical and efficient way to improve children’s self-esteem,” report Hei Wan Makand Daisy Fancourt of University College London. Importantly, they found that kids didn’t have to be good at their chosen creative activity for these positive effects to blossom. – Pacific Standard 

SPYING: Google knows everywhere you go — here’s how to stop it from tracking you and delete the logs.