Wednesday, May 08, 2019

The EU Wants to Build One of the World’s Largest Biometric Databases. What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

In the episode titled “The Last of the Starks,” the disposable cup was visible on a table amid medieval-like goblets next to Daenerys Targaryen, aka the Mother of Dragons, during a celebration feast at Winterfell. Game of Thrones and MEdia Dragons 🐉


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The EU Wants to Build One of the World’s Largest Biometric Databases. What Could Possibly Go Wrong? - Fortune: “China and India have built the world’s largest biometric databases, but the European Union is about to join the club. The Common Identity Repository (CIR) will consolidate biometric data on almost all visitors and migrants to the bloc, as well as some EU citizens—connecting existing criminal, asylum, and migration databases and integrating new ones. It has the potential to affect hundreds of millions of people. The plan for the database, first proposed in 2016 and approved by the EU Parliament on April 16, was sold as a way to better track and monitor terrorists, criminals, and unauthorized immigrants. The system will target the fingerprints and identity data for visitors and immigrants initially, and represents the first step towards building a truly EU-wide citizen database. At the same time, though, critics argue its mere existence will increase the potential for hacks, leaks, and law enforcement abuse of the information. In the EU, where privacy is enshrined in the union’s Charter of Fundamental Rights, watchdogs have called the creation of the CIS a “point of no return.”…

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When something goes wrong, the big question is, who’s at fault? Here is a practical perspective to take when confronted with rejection.

David M. Almeida, Orfeu M. Buxton, Ross Andel, Soomi Lee, via The Conversation