Friday, August 04, 2017

There Is No Way to Survive the Trump White House

If you like clowns and fools, then look no further than Trump...

Trump Praises the Stock Market at 22,000 That He Said Was a Bubble at 18,000 New York Times

WASHINGTON — As America’s stock markets have reached record highs, they have had few louder cheerleaders than President Trump.
“Highest Stock Market EVER,” he said on Twitter on Monday.
Before the stock exchanges’ opening bell on Tuesday, Mr. Trump pointed out in a tweet that the Dow Jones industrial index’s recent surge started just after he was elected. (He also lamented, incorrectly, that the press was downplaying that fact: “Mainstream media seldom mentions!”)
And on Thursday, Mr. Trump made clear that he thinks he deserves credit for the latest record high, tweeting, “That doesn’t just happen!”

FOR THE TIMES THEY ARE ACHANGING: Governments are not in Control

Why the leaked presidential transcripts are so frightening

Why Leaking Transcripts of Trump’s Calls Is So DangerousAtlantic. Lambert ran this in Water Cooler, but worth highlighting.
Shut The Fuck Up, John Bolton Caitlin Johnstone (UserFriendly)
Maxine Waters: Pence should be impeached after TrumpThe Hill (resilc). So we can all look forward to Nancy Pelosi as President, since this won’t happen with the GOP in charge of the House.

Some in the executive branch, as Anthony Scaramucci aptly put it, are intent on protecting the country from Trump.

What the White House said about Trump's calls with Nieto, Turnbull

G20 2017: Trump backslaps Putin in first handshake moment

EVANGELICAL FUNDAMENTALISM AND CATHOLIC INTEGRALISM: A SURPRISING ECUMENISM Vatican. Glenn F: “Cathoilic church denunciation of Trump regime. No truer words written. Schism time in the heartland.” Moi: One sour note is locating Evangelicals in the “Deep South”. From what I can tell, their concentration is highest in Texas. The “Deep South” has lots of Southern Baptists who are plenty conservative socially but aren’t big on proselytizing.
US tax reform hopes become mired in foreign cash pilesFinancial Times. God-awful headline, since it amplifies the lie multinationals have been selling. The only thing that is “offshore” due to their tax scheming is profits they’ve chosen to book in foreign entities. This has absolutely nada to do with where they keep their money, which is almost without exception the US for US companies. It does affect reported profits. That makes it a very hot topic for CEOs who are desperate to boost stock prices (witness all those buybacks). But it confirms what we said yesterday: as with Obamacare, despite whinging about a supposed problem forever, the Republicans don’t have an answer. We’ll probably get one of those earnings repatriation holidays, just as Bush had one in 2004, since that’s not hard. Beyond that, I’m not holding my breath. 

The heads – you’re looking at the heads – are beginning to pile up in number. Donald Trump rose to fame as a TV star with his cruel punchline firings of hapless reality-show contestants. As chief executive of the world’s mightiest nuclear superpower, he has now spent most of his first term sowing panic around the world with an ever-tightening pattern of purges and forced resignations.
Like Soviet Commissars promoted during the Great Terror, Trump appointees begin composing their last words from the moment they ascend to high office.