Thursday, August 03, 2017

Australia’s vanishing back yards a health risk

The traditional Australian suburban backyard is being lost to higher-density housing and massive project homes on small lots.
City planning is focused on making cities more compact, which in some ways is desirable, and the large backyard is seen as unsustainable and undesirable because of the space it consumes. But its loss could well be increasing the risks of physical and mental health problems among city residents.
Australia’s vanishing back yards a health risk MaroBusiness

Pulitzer-Prize Winning Reporter: FBI Report Shows It Was Seth Rich – Not Russians – Who Gave DNC Emails to Wikileaks George Washington. Note Lambert is nervous about the ongoing row over Seth Rich because the folks who are pushing the anti-party line side on the whole don’t have good track records as far as care with accuracy is concerned. And he was worried in particular about the audio that George Washington relies upon, since audios can be faked. So I’d treat this with caution until Hersh confirms it or publishes something generally consistent with this interview. Recall how Dan Rather got ruined by relying on a fake document which contained underlying information that was accurate, and the fact that the document was fake successfully created the impression that the story it told was inaccurate.