Friday, August 04, 2017

The Digital Native MEdia Dragon is a Myth

To be a MEdia Dragon is a condition rather than a profession ... And the good things kind of glide past you. You can take them for granted. But the bad things, the regrets. They s******’ sting.”

Real Madrid forward Cristiano Ronaldo claims his "brilliance annoys people", the day after he was by a Spanish judge investigating whether he evaded paying millions of euros in taxes . "What bothers people is my brilliance, insects only attack lamps that shine..."

Some people put the cut-off at 1984, but for most it is 1980. People born after that date are the digital natives; those born before are digital immigrants, doomed to be forever strangers in a computer-based strange land.
Millennial Bug: why the 'digital native' is a myth


Digital Native, Laurie Oakes, said one word and I tumbled out of the hammock

You're worse than me Trump told Turnbull

Sadly, Dr. Jozef Imrich  is missing from the list.

Yiyun Li, Dear Friend, from My Life I Write to You in Your Life.  One of the few books that have a perfect title.  These are a cross between short stories, ruminations, and essays.  Yiyun Li is from China, yet she refuses to write in Chinese or to have her work published in Chinese.  At times you wonder what is really in here, but her voice and vision stick with you.

Yaroslav Trofimov, The Siege of Mecca: The 1979 Uprising at Islam’s Holy Shrine.  Compulsively readable, and also excellent background on both the Gulf region and the Saudi-Iran conflict.

The first-ever Fortune 500 was published in 1955. 60 years later we look back at where the companies from the head of the class—Fortune 500 companies 1-10, with revenues ranging from $1.7-$9.8 billion—are now. Some no longer exist, some exist by another name and/or as shadows of their former corporate selves, and some still stand today as the biggest names in corporate America.”text,ecosystem,morning,forest,book,
The digital native is a myth Nature Recycled Teenagers Still Rule ;-)

Can an electric shock help curb your spending? FT. Not The Onion!

Memories (circa 1966-75 BC - Before Children) of helping my Mamka to cut onions few times a week for 100 and more student for their school lunches came flooding back as I read it. Luckily in our town we did have a lake where we used goggle so even before Dr Google we realised that we could prevent those chemicals from making us cry by using goggles.... Now in 2017 AD Boffins crack ultimate riddle of stinging agent formation

life is short

The Boss Wants You Back in the Office WSJ

Mandarins say it's time for a new royal commission on state of the APS. A wide-ranging, serious, independent inquiry into the future of the Australian Public Service — not a blame game exercise — has attracted serious support among the old guard's most respected mandarins, reports Verona Burgress.
Cashless payments could be sabotaging our savings, as they overtake cash as king
According to Sydney University marketing and behavioural psychology professor Donnel Briley, research has shown that people spend as much as 40 to 50 per cent more in a transaction, particularly on small items, when they do not use cash. 
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