Wednesday, August 02, 2017

Certainties in Life: The offshore world and the enablers of capital flight  

As Oscar Wilde said, “the pure and simple truth is rarely pure and never simple.”  The pure and simple truth that We are separated from Jeff Bezos by one degree ;-)  However, we prefer our names suppressed as our Amazon mates and BC  know ...;-)  

Certainty generally is illusion, and repose is not the destiny of man.” Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr., “The Path of the Law” ... read more

Don't assume integrity is innate, ex-mandarin reminds public servants. Former Health boss Fran Thorn says she was once one of those who felt the values were shared and didn't need much articulation, "that they were part of what it meant to be a public servant.

Financial (Tax) Advisers 'invisible' to ATO

Financial advisers working in the tax arena are 'largely invisible' to the Australian Taxation Office (ATO), according to the Financial Planning

Tax office reveals more website outages as calls for compensation grow

The List of characters Trumpiest Emperor without clothe fired

By firing Scaramucci, President Trump just axed his own chaotic mini-me

"I'll be brief,"  Anthony "The Mooch" Scaramucci said as he addressed the White House press corps for the first time.

The colourful Wall Street financier and long-time friend of President Donald Trump came to the role as White House communications directorpromising to be tough on "leakers" and called himself a "straight shooter".

Ten days later he's gone, and to add insult to injury the news leaked out before it could be announced.

The Mooch won't be quickly forgotten though — his short tenure was filled with extraordinary developments.

Story image for tax ato from The West Australian

Big earners use trusts to pay less taxATO

The tax office has revealed thousands of high-income Australians are using trusts to sneak into lower tax thresholds

'I was obnoxious... a different person': How hedge fund manager  ...

Open data for tax justice – designing a new CbCR database  

34 criminal cases tossed after body cam footage shows cop planting drugs Ars Technica

How much of the world's wealth is hidden offshore?

Hong Kong proposes to revamp offshore PE tax exemption rules

The offshore world and the enablers of capital flight  

  • US SEC Announces $2.5 Million Whistleblower Award  
  • UK Treasury will need to plug gap in tax as drivers switch to electric cars  
  • Donald Trump's tax cuts for the rich won't make America great again  
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