Monday, August 07, 2017

Crane and Data Driven: John Hatton's Legacy Charter 92

Spellcheck disasters. Stan (Cement) Zemanek (Column 8) should be glad, says David Miles, of Five Dock, that he didn't suffer the same fate as the former independent state MP John Hatton. "With an office in Nowra, John was a Whatnot from Nowhere

Andy Warhol wanted to be reincarnated as Elizabeth Taylor's ring, but he was serious about his Catholicism. When he met the pope, he even wore a tie...Varhola 

Via John Hatton: Bribery, Cooperation, and the Evolution of Prosocial Institutions

A look at ways to reduce bribery and other forms of corruption.

How will you survive if your legal job is replaced by artificial intelligence? [Law and More]

Crane collapses onto apartment block at Wolli Creek; residents unable to return home

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Data Driven Journalism: “Among the many tough questions members of the American press are asking themselves about low public trust, three in particular deserve special contemplation and deep introspection:

  • Whose trust can be regained?
  • Who is a lost cause?
  • How can trust be earned (generally, and with particular groups of Americans)?

A recent survey of 1,021 US adults who get news online could energize this discussion and point to an effective solution. The survey, from via the SurveyMonkey Audience Panel, reveals that mistrust may not be as entrenched as it seems, and opening up access to data that informs reporting can have a profoundly positive impact on trust with Americans  of all stripes. The results have a margin of error of plus or minus 3.1%. When respondents   were asked how much trust they have in the press “when it comes to reporting the news   fully, accurately and fairly”, half of those surveyed selected “not much” or “none at all”…


The Painter:
CAMPAIGNERS: Former state independent MP John Hatton (right) presented his good friend John Edlund with an oil painting he did in gratitude for his service as a NSW police officer and corruption fighter.

known minority governments – Victoria’s (1999–2002), South Australia’s(2002–06) and Tasmania’s (since March this year). Each of the three was – or, in Tasmania’s case, has so far been – more successful than expected, and in at least one case significant long-term parliamentary reform has resulted. Some other minority governments have been just as successful; a few have ended in failure and acrimony. Drawing heavily on two sources – Brian Costar and Jennifer Curtin’s book, Rebels with a Cause: Independents in Australian Politics, and Gareth Griffith’s report for the NSW Parliamentary Library Research Service, Minority Governments in Australia 1989–2009: Accords, Charters and Agreements – here’s an overview of those governments.
Hung Parliaments ; Against the Party Machinery

John Hatton Biography

Four state Registry of Motor Vehicle clerks and two other people have been charged with conspiring to help illegal immigrants get false identifications — some of which were used to register to vote in Boston — in a blockbuster bust that state officials call “troubling and intolerable.”