Sunday, November 13, 2016

“Passing of the Baton": Coming to grips with new knowledge transfer

Culture of success: With varying generations in a given workplace, it’s important to create a culture of success and knowledge transfer can help. Having two-way conversions on workplace knowledge can benefit your entire staff and let them feel more connected and more inclined to ask questions, present new ideas, and develop innovative tactics
Increase the success of your knowledge transfer effort

The cultural environment of a job can play a large role in the transfer of knowledge. A culture of open communication is definitely a benefit to the transfer of knowledge among employees. There are many ways you can go about maintaining open communication, but here are a few of the most common and easy to implement. Knowledge Management & Transfer Model
Knowledge is everyone's business ...

Being practical with common sense

You can hide under the doona if you like – but you’ll miss out on all the fun. We believe that the twenty-first century is the century for an agile and innovative Australia.
— The Hon Malcolm Turnbull MP, Knowledge Nation 100 luncheon, 10 December 2015

When organizations value knowledge transfer and implement good practices to support it, they improve project outcomes by nearly 35% 

®Instill an atmosphere of trust in the organization
®Fix culture to accommodate change
®Push reasoning before process
®Doing is far better than talking
®Know how the firm handles mistakes

Workplace Knowledge Transfer Methods

Knowledge transfern guidebook