Sunday, December 20, 2015

Jazz Time and the Company: The creed of speed

BBC: A growing number of hackers are targeting professionals on LinkedIn, according to security firm Symantec. Its investigation uncovered dozens of fake accounts on the social network, across a variety of industries. 
Fake LinkedIn profiles used by hackers

Gartner: Includes an interesting list of new products and developments. 
Fifty Examples of Digital Business: A CIO and CEO Resource

A woman suspended in a whirlwind of feathers

SEEK launches company review platform for current and former employees: How to avoid a bad review
Smart Company, 6/12/15. Today will see the launch of SEEK’s review platform that allows current and former employees to rate companies out of five in order to give jobseekers a better idea of what it is like to work for a particular business.

Major public service upheaval on the cards in 2016.  Canberra is gearing up for a significant restructure of the Australian public service, which could see swathes of the government’s back-office services outsourced to the public sector or even sent offshore Australian govt in outsourcing, shared services overhaul

The Economist, 5/12/15. The idea that time is speeding up is clearly popular. It is also plausible. There is just one problem. It is very hard to prove that it is actually happening.
The speed with which ideas zip around the world has increased. But other measures suggest sloth, not celerity Time and the company: The creed of speed

CB Insights, 1/12/15. Funding to payments startups has exploded in the last 5 years. Investors are pumping money into companies building new mobile-payment apps, small-business payment systems, and money-transfer services, among other things. At the current run-rate, funding to payments startups is projected to reach $3.8B in 2015, a new record year for funding to the industry
Financing To Payments Startups On Track For A Second-Straight Record Year


Motherboard: Kristina Persson’s job is rather unique. Just over a year ago, Stefan Löfven, Sweden's current social democratic prime minister, decided the 70-year-old from Österstund would be the perfect figure to lead the country's new ministry of future issues, strategy and cooperation
Sweden's Minister of the Future Explains How to Make Politicians Think Long-Term

Two installments that I LOVED in a new series by Rachel Aaron (haven't read her others and brief sampling persuaded me I wouldn't necessarily like them as much, but these are delightful, whimsy notwithstanding): Nice Dragons Finish Last and One Good Dragon Deserves Another. Less "indie" in sensibility than Martin Millar's extraordinary Kalix the Werewolf books, but not totally dissimilar in sensibility and appeal.