Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Thousand Colours and Shades of Sydney; Royal Missions, Gay and Holyland affair

Donald Trump of Czech Girl Ivana fame Isn’t a Fascist; He’s a Media-Savvy Know-Nothing New Yorker

**Media Dragon AU: Malcolm Turnbull's first 100 days as PM: agile, disruptive, but problems persist

**Media Dragon UK: Jeremy Corbyn’s first 100 days as Labour leader

Unions royal commission: final report delivered: Findings 'small tip of an enormous iceberg'

Dyson Heydon.

Trade union Royal Commissioner Dyson Heydon has laid bare a roll-call of “louts, thugs, bullies, thieves, perjurers, those who threaten violence, errant fiduciaries and organisers of boycotts” in his findings on the two-year inquiry into union corruption.
In the scathing final report, which details examples of “widespread” and “deep-seated” misconduct within the Construction, Forestry, Mining and Energy Union, the Australian Workers Union, the Transport Workers Union, the Health Services Union and the National Union of Workers, Mr Heydon called for an all-powerful “regulator” with the power to shut down unions and employer groups.  He refers former trade union boss turned Victorian MP Cesar Melhem to Victorian prosecutors for consideration of possible corruption and false accounting charges.
Former Health Services Union secretary Kathy Jackson is also referred to prosecutors to consider whether she should be charged for obtaining property and financial advantage by deception.
Justice Heydon said the conduct had taken place in a wide range of industries and unions.
"These aberrations cannot be regarded as isolated," the report said.
"They are not the work of a few rogue unions, or a few rogue officials.
"The misconduct exhibits great variety. It is widespread. It is deep-seated.
 Royal commission into union corruption refers Victorian MP Cesar Melhem and former HSU secretary Kathy Jackson to CDPP
Political vendetta seems to be the commission’s agenda, says Justice R.S. Sodhi. India Legal experts question validity of DDCA probe panel

The criminal headquarters of one of Sydney's most notorious underworld figures "Teflon" Tony Vincent could easily have been the inspiration for Tony Soprano's fictional strip club, the Bada Bing.
Back on a balmy Sunday afternoon in the late summer of 1997, the upmarket Sydney suburb of Woollahra was rocked by a huge explosion in Tara Street.
At first it was thought that the neighbouring Turkish embassy had been blown up.
Drinkers at the nearby Lord Dudley Hotel were astonished to see a man staggering past the hotel with half his buttock blown off.
The trail of blood from the man's mangled posterior led the police to the scene of the crime, where they found the remainder of Gibson's bum cheek. With it was his wallet.
Meanwhile, staggering down the street, dazed and injured and wearing only one shoe was Tony Vincent jnr. Buried under the rubble, crime scene investigators found a stolen car in the foot well of which was a size 9 Nike running shoe.
Kate McClymont peers inside Lady Jane’s, the seedy parlour where underworld plans where hatched and came unstuck

Former ‘comfort women’ are asked by South Korean officials to accept accord with Japan

A terror financing investigation has uncovered about $500,000 in Australian cash sent to Indonesia to arm and train extremists and support their families. A joint investigation between Australia and Indonesia found the cash was raised and transferred by an Australian man identified only by the letter L. Mr Santoso said information from Australia's counter-terrorism financing watchdog AusTrac was crucial to uncovering these Indonesian networks. Australian donors sent $500,000 to Indonesia to fund terrorism

What ISIS Really Wants:
Islamic State theologians have issued an extremely detailed ruling on when "owners" of women and children captured by the extremist group can have sex with them, in an apparent bid to curb "violations" in the "treatment of female slaves".
The ruling, or fatwa, has the force of law and appears to go beyond the IS's previous known utterances on slavery, Cole Bunzel, a leading IS expert at Princeton University, said.
 Islamic State issues 15 rules on sex with slaves  ; French national Charaffe el Mouadan was killed in a U.S.-led coalition air strike on December 24. IS leader ‘linked to Paris attacks’ killed

SOLDIERS and police allegedly held an orgy at a police station during the hunt for terror suspects in Brussels, according to Belgian media outlets.
An internal investigation has been launched into the reports of eight soldiers and two policewomen allegedly partying and holding an orgy in the Ganshoren police station, which had been changed into makeshift barracks for soldiers, De Morgan reported.
A senior police officer reportedly discovered the soldiers and policewomen in the act, according to La Dernière Heure.

Olmert's conviction shows that even a prime minister isn’t above the law, and will, under certain circumstances, pay for his corrupt behavior. But this isn’t enough.
The most complex corruption case ever brought to an Israeli court is ending with the bitter taste that justice has not been done to the fullest with senior elected officials, even though they have been branded with the stigma of flagrant wrongdoing. The Supreme Court’s verdict, handed down on Tuesday on appeals against Judge David Rozen’s conviction and sentencing of former Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and others, represents a retreat by the legal system into a skeptical approach and sends a public message of extreme leniency toward crimes of government corruption.   Israel Must Stop Tolerating Corruption: Olmert - Holyland affair

A book to be published in Hong Kong in the new year says Zhou Enlai, communist China’s much-respected first premier, was probably gay despite his long marriage ...Book says communist China’s first premier was gay

Floods of biblical proportions leave cities, towns and villages under water Czech out this video as it shows the sad story ...a pub ... a pub ... krcma
Centuries-old pub gets washed away due to heavy flooding in the U.K.