Monday, October 05, 2015

Are Bosses Necessary? Resume Writers and Jobs for the Boys and Girls

Striking staff at Air France have taken demonstrating their anger with direct action to a shocking new level. Approximately 100 workers forced their way into a meeting of the airline’s senior management and ripped the shirts from the backs of the executives. French Revolution MMXV

A radical experiment at Zappos may herald the emergence of a new, more democratic kind of organization.

Are Bosses Necessary?

How offices will change—for better and for worse - link to article in black - 

Thinking Outside the Cube

OECD Report: Improving Co-operation between Tax and Anti-Money Laundering Authorities: Access by tax administrations to information held by financial intelligence units for criminal and civil purposes  

Career Corner. Reminder: Please Take Vacation So You Don’t Die (Leona May, Going Concern).

News from the Profession. Accounting Had a Toxic Culture Before It Was Cool (Leona May, Going Concern). “As ‘The Great Email Chain of 2013’ demonstrates, the public accounting workaholic culture has spawned a whole bunch of work-obsessed, white-collar monsters.”

A common refrain at the conference was that public service organisations need to change to meet the challenges of the future. Lloyd listed the familiar pressures that are widely seen as requiring new ways of working — “the ageing population, digital transformation, excessive red tape, competition for investment and a general push for smaller government” — and said he thought public servants were “up to it”.
“The public service needs to be agile and quick to respond, to be informed by a willingness to experiment, and to trial options,” said Lloyd. “New institutional arrangements like the Digital Transformation Office will be required to overcome entrenched interests and ways of thinking.”
It’s exciting times, the APS commissioner says, despite some “inflexible” personnel management practices that are holding back change in his view. He also advocated responsibility being delegated down to lower levels, as did Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet head Michael Thawley earlier in the day, as well as visible, communicative leadership Too long, too complicated: recruitment needs to get back to basics is a comprehensive data visualization dashboard created by the US Office of Personnel Management to help Government leaders make data driven decisions and design initiatives to increase employee engagement and satisfaction. Employee engagement is the employee’s sense of purpose that is evident in their display of dedication, persistence, and effort in their work or overall attachment to their organization and its mission.”

The Future of Work: Workplace Dystopias, and How to Respond Pacific Standard

Via – Wearable tech data as evidence in the courtroom – Nicole Black discusses how data downloaded from wearable technology has entered into the discovery phase of personal injury cases. A wealth of data can be collected about the direct activities of individuals who are using wearable devices while exercising, as well as conducting routine and regular activities such as walking. The implications of this concept may have considerable implications on par with those pertaining to the use of social media.

Kids Who Use Computers Heavily in School Have Lower Test Scores, Major Worldwide Study Finds Hechinger Report. We linked to an earlier report about this study, but this headline is clearer about the main finding.

As San Francisco rent skyrockets, even employed people are homeless MarketWatch

Theoretical “auto-brothel” attack on mechanics’ computers could infect millions of cars BoingBoing 

Naked capitalism Economist. On porn on the web

reaching lizard links
From Radio to Porn, British Spies Track Web Users’ Online Identities Intercept. Important. New revelations based on Snowden docs.

America’s most secretive court invites its first outsider ars technica
Something is rotten in the state of Germany Bloomberg