Sunday, November 16, 2014

Tragic Stories

Dusk, that most beautiful moment
With no pattern.
Millions of images appear and disappear.
Beloved people.
How unbearable to die in the sky.

~   Creating kamikaze

That's a prerequisite of the disaster movie: someone to hate. There has to be a character on whom we can unload all our animosity and accusation, the Designated Arsehole (DA for short), because disaster movies are about the best and worst of human nature.
In Airport, it's not the bomber played by Van Heflin but Rathbone, the cranky passenger from Hell played by Peter Turgeon. When stewardess Jacqueline Bisset wrests the bomb off Heflin's lap, Turgeon interferes and gives it back, enabling him to detonate the bomb Tragic Stories

William McPherson has a Pulitzer Prize and no money. He isn’t wretched-of-the-earth poor, but he’s poor. Here’s how he reached that status... Paupers

Whatever the reason – Twitter trolls, libel laws, political correctness – the literary feudis in decline. And the culture is worse off for that... Agree to agree

In the early 50s, German-Jewish philosophers began returning to Frankfurt, Munich, Berlin, Heidelberg. Jürgen Habermaswas a young man at the time. He remembers it well... German

The narrowing of history. Ever more scholars shed light on an ever more obscure past. When did historiography become an esoteric art?... Standpoint