Thursday, November 06, 2014

Unprecedented investigation into secret tax deals

Tax Office goes hard in pursuit of tax lost to 'aggressive planning'

Czech out Luxembourg Search leaks

Full list every company named - Luxembourg database

An unprecedented international investigation into tax deals struck  with Luxembourg has uncovered the multi-billion dollar tax secrets of some of the world’s largest multinational corporations Tax files

Tax Commissioner Chris Jordan is pursuing a global investigation of inter­national and Australian companies exposed by one of the biggest leaks of tax information ever for using Luxembourg to shift profits and avoid tax.
The Future Fund, AMP, Macquarie Group, Lend Lease, Goodman Group and dozens of other Australian com­panies negotiated secret tax deals with Luxembourg to reduce their taxes by routing profits through tax havens, according to the tax-leak information The Australian Financial Review shared yesterday with Mr Jordan International PWC tax schemes exposed;  Secrets of Luxembourg Big four audit firms behind global profit shifting
These 343 companies appear to havechanneled hundreds of billions of dollars through Luxembourg and saved billions of dollars in taxes, according to a review of nearly 28,000 pages of confidential documents conducted by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists and a team of more than 80 journalists from 26 countries Brand name companies secret Luxembourg tax deals revealed

Jean-Claude Juncker, 59, who took over as president of the EU executive after more than two decades as finance minister and prime minister of the tiny Grand Duchy, pulled out of a speaking engagement on Thursday. He repeated through a spokesman a remark made the previous day denying a conflict of interest and saying he would not hinder existing EU investigations of Luxembourg.

And for all the sharp words from political opponents to his left ... (Suspence intended) Luxembourg tax storm hits new EU chief Juncker

Financial Times, Leak Details Luxembourg Corporate Tax Deals

The Guardian, Luxembourg Tax Leaks Put Pressure on G20 Leaders to Act on Loopholes

New York Times, Hundreds of Companies Seen Cutting Tax Bills by Sending Money Through Luxembourg

Avast ye Supreme Court justices, thar be an undersized grouper!Christian Science Monitor (bob). OMG, here we see a creative use (abuse?) of Sarbanes Oxley, when the SEC and the Department of Justice can’t bring themselves to use the law as Congress intended.