Tuesday, November 04, 2014

“SMART DIPLOMACY:” Susan Rice Mocks Israeli Ambasador

“SMART DIPLOMACY:” Susan Rice Mocks Israeli Ambassador: ‘He’s Too Busy Travelling to Sheldon Adelson’s Events.’ Everything’s about domestic politics to these people. Everything. Well, there’s also the anti-semitism

Capping a series of victories by a modest band of pro-Palestinian activists, an Israel-based shipping company has re-routed a container ship from the Port of Oakland, where protestors had vowed to keep the ship from unloading, to an alternate destination in Russia Blocking


PERSONALLY, I SLEEP LIKE A BABY: Here’s Why You Can’t Get a Good Night’s Sleep …and how you can fix it.

Human character changed on or around June 1995. Who can help us make sense of the barrage of texts, tweets, newsfeeds, and emails?Rebecca Solnit... Digital Mysteries

MY USA TODAY COLUMN: Catcalling: A Two-Way Street.