Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Taxing across Borders

  • There's a telephone scam going around that's gotten so bad that North Carolina's Attorney General and the US Attorney are warning the public. It involves people posing as tax collectors.
    The way it works is your phone rings, it's someone saying they're from the IRS or the US Treasury and claims you owe money and if you don't pay via prepaid debit card on that phone call they'll issue a warrant for your arrest.
    Scammers Across the Globe

  • Taxing across Borders: Tracking Personal Wealth and Corporate Profits (21 Nov 2014

Tax-fraud ring costs Brazilian treasury $400 mn  (25 Nov 2014

Scrap dealer's £5m tax dodge unveiled in HMRC 'name and shame' list  (21 Nov 2014

American-born London Mayor Boris Johnson refuses to pay hefty US taxbill  (20 Nov 2014

Seven of the 30 largest corporations in US paid more to their CEOs than they did in taxes  (19 Nov 2014) 

Boeing, Ford Among Firms Where CEO Pay Tops Taxes, Study Shows  (19 Nov 2014)

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ATO’s new man Andrew Mills is gunning

Nassim Khadem 

ATO’s new man Andrew Mills is gunning
Tax Office Second Commissioner Andrew Mills says those looking to profit from the departments staff cuts are in for a rude shock.  Getty Images/Craig Sillitoe