Monday, September 01, 2014

Cold Water & Rivers are everywhere

The Long Goodbye

According to Aristotle, to understand something we must grasp what it is not. We mustcome to terms with nothingness. But how?... Nothingness
You can't have missed it. Celebrities everywhere have been posting pictures and videos of themselves having buckets of freezing ice-cold  water poured over their heads, but what's it all about?
 Cold water from celebrities

Horses and riders, youths and elders, men and women, animals being led to sacrifice: What is the Parthenons friezetelling us?... Rivers of Silence

What to do with church bells in post-Reformation England? Run linguistic experiments and letboozy young men ring them for exercise... Bellringers

In the combative “two cultures” debate, a case of epistemological humility shows up. The physicist Marcelo Gleiser on the intellectual arrogance of his field... Gemini

Against Transparency, Against InterpretationAgainst Love: Has the popular posture of cranky provocationlost its edge?... Conflicting Metaphors