Tuesday, September 16, 2014


“And out of the river, the mist,
and deep in the forest, the devil;
where the world’s just an eagle’s wing in the dusk, or
a cloud
or the moon growing pale. 

The devil entices the good man
who ventures too far.
The river’s too dark. You’ll lose your way, you’ll drown it is
even under the stars.” 
~ Cold River in Mittleurope

What is college for? To learn about history, science, culture. If students want to build a self, says Steven Pinker, they can do it on their own... Do it yourself Tools

Judge above the Law and it’s not looking good. Here’s the source. And here’s a follow up to this story

Teenager offers creative solution to California drought ABC7 
For more than 100,000 years, humanity has survived every natural disaster. Now the existential risk comes from our own creation:supersmart machines...Careful what we wish for ;-)

A philosophy of body art. A tattoo can be many things – testimonial, adornment, poignant reminder – but they all share a subtext: “Look at me”... Look look at

Silicon Valley Has Officially Run Out of Ideas Slate. A positive development. Time for funding for new ventures to move into other arenas besides that related to computers and communications technology ...

A Porpoise Ensnared by Criminals and Nets New York Times 
Letting the Rich Take All The Money masaccio, Firedoglake

100 Best Novels, in Translation, Since 1900 CounterPunch of Cold River
‘Sorry about the bomb’: Aussie police apologize for ‘training device’ left in Sydney airport RT 

The new chasm is not between science and art but between those who speak the language of money and those who don’t. John Lanchester explains... Abba of money