Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Recorded Voices

"[T]he older you get, the more artificial it all seems." 
~ Joe Wenderoth • BOMB Magazine

Esther Freud: “Sitting down at your desk every day is an appointment with doubt; that is the nature of writing. But eventually I just had to admit that it wasn’t working; there just wasn’t enough happening to keep me interested.”

$3.2 Million – Bet You Wish You’d Kept That Comic Book Collection!

“Superman made his debut in Action Comics #1, which cost 10 cents in 1938. Only around 50 unrestored originals are thought to have survived, and this was described as the most immaculate.”

Orwell says somewhere that no one ever writes the real story of their life.
The real story of a life is the story of its humiliations.
And one October afternoon, under a locust tree
whose blackened pods were falling and making
illuminating patterns on the pathway,
I was seized by joy
and someone saw me there,
and that was the worst of all,
lacerating and unforgettable.

HMRC’s new directors: white, male and from big business  (1 Sep 2014)