Monday, September 29, 2014

One Liners

Donald Antrim, chronically underrated, had a year of recognition, which he calls “a very unexpected occurrence.” He didn’t expect to still be alive... Life of Mysteries

Karl Miller, founding editor of the London Review of Books, master of the aperçu and the clever one-liner, is dead at 83...Karl of Wit

In theory, all languages are equal. In practice, chauvinism reigns. Enter the radical linguists... Bohemians Rule

Pirate, hobo, prisoner, prospector, Jack Londonpreferred life to literature. “Every time I sit down to write, it is with great disgust”...Man in a Boat is an island

The making of Jozef Imrich. The master of Bohemian escapes was a heavy-drinking ex-writer, repeatedly unlucky in love... Hard core irony of life

Enter any research library and you’ll find introverted academics with disheveled hair. The modern archetype for genius is Einsteinian... Only inside libraries

Behavioral economics has taught us to be wary of our own cognitive biases. But placing too much faith in our own irrationality is itself irrational... irrational : the act of thinking