Sunday, August 31, 2014

Trash morphing as Treasure

The perils of time-travel fiction. To draw a moral from the past can be pompous; to visit the future to warn about the present can be patronizing... Future of Media Dragons

INK BOTTLE“Pain is always new to the sufferer, but loses its originality for those around him.”

~ Alphonse Daudet, In the Land of Pain(trans. Julian Barnes)
Jeff Koons is an entrepreneur, not an artist. A Wall Street guy who forever changed the art world. His formula for success: size + garishness = big money... Big Stuff

In an age of constant status updates, what becomes of art forms – like literary memoir – that thrive on concealment?... Bohemians of letters

Society, politics, economics, culture; foreign and domestic; corporate and not-for-profit: The old categories are becoming obsolete... It is all about trend setting enablers drivers

In an early poem, John Updikedescribed trash as a “wonderland of discard.” Now we know the wonders contained in his trash... Reverse garbage of garage sales

Who Is Elena Ferrante? The writer has never been interviewed in person, perhaps never even photographed. For her, celebrity is a choice, not an obligation... Story of Elen

Against Transparency, Against InterpretationAgainst Love: Has the popular posture of cranky provocationlost its edge?... Turning Stories

Weimar: Where Goethe and Schiller found a home, Liszt blossomed into a musical genius; Bauhaus became possible, and Nazism took hold... Town of Weimar / so unlike Vrbov