Monday, January 13, 2014

Last Day of Holy Days & Trivia Browsing

Trash heapYears ago, when renovating with friends, I took off my rings so that they wouldn’t get damaged. In the flurry of clean-up, the rings got tossed into the trash. Despite going through bag after bag of garbage, we couldn’t find them. I was not happy.

That has to be nothing compared to what James Howells is feeling. This summer, he threw out a computer hard drive containing more than $9 million in bitcoin. Yep, threw out. It is now almost impossible to find. Some Fool 
Threw Away A Hard Drive With $7.5 Million Of Bitcoin On It
While the mind boggles, the tummy retches a little...

“Before this phone call, it had never occurred to Kirkpatrick that her contest winner might have spent the past 25 years in prison, where he’s serving a life sentence for murder.” Mystery writer