Friday, January 03, 2014

Dream Time of Living

One of a writer’s most important works—perhaps the most important of all—is the image he leaves behind of himself in the memory of men, above and beyond the pages he has written.
~Hand written note on yellowed piece of paper circa 1980 

Man of steel. As a young man, Jorge Luis Borges sought the company of knife fighters. He even carried his own blade, later inspiring some of his finest fiction Iron Curtains

Hemingway, wary of distraction, focused on essentials: “fighting and eating and drinking and begging and stealing and living and dying” Dreaming

Philip Roth met Primo Levi in 1986. Months later, Levi was dead. “It hit me like the assassinations of the 60s,” Roth says Survivors

Revolution is often a messy, bloody, drawn-out affair. Indeed, exhaustion and disillusionment are what allow democracy to take root The memories of Velvet