Friday, January 17, 2014

Food for Catholic Thought

Peter Reilly offers Kind Christmas Wishes To Those Behind Bars And The Tax Collectors Too  “So when you think treeabout it, you realize that one of the reasons that Jesus was born in Bethlehem was that Joseph and Mary were tax compliant.”

ChodorowAdam Chodorow (Arizona State) presents Pope Francis, Scripture, and Tax Policy at Pepperdine today as part of ourTax Policy Colloquium Series:
  1. What does the Bible actually say, either directly about taxes and tax-like institutions or indirectly about principles that should guide policymakers, regarding an appropriate tax system?
  2. To what extent should the Bible or religious views guide votes or opinions on such secular policy matters?
Biblical Tax Systems and the Case for Progressive Taxation, 23 J.L. & Relig. 53 (2008) via tax prof