Sunday, January 12, 2014

Icons are Powerful: Byzantine Array of Grassroot Involvements

Icons are a powerful White Beauties
A recent article in the New York Times provides a few justifications for cities and designers to embrace scent ... (Microsoft trivia as its suggestion for "IMRICH" in its dictionary happens to be "EMBRACE") Embrace scent...
Charles Krauthammer flirts with the metaphysics in his new book, Things That Matter. An organized approach to human affairs is an ethical duty, each generation tasked with the unending work of maintaining a sound constitutional order. All things eloquent and beautiful need a foundation to thrive. But "get your politics wrong and everything stands to be swept away."
Right enough, though it's also true that this platform, however impressive, is ultimately insignificant. A Kalahari bushman, uneducated, lacking material trappings and a sophisticated body politic, has the same inward moral capacity to advance Everything Else as a cosmopolitan type at a Park Avenue soirée. Spectacular achievements notwithstanding, the mediating power structures of late-capitalist society cannot satiate the human longing for transcendence. As Krauthammer notes, the lasting glories of a successful politics "lie outside [politics] itself." Properly understood, politics is thus something of a paradox, crucial and yet also utterly impotent. Though not necessarily in that order. Community Precincts; By 2030, it's estimated that five billion people will be pounding the concrete caught up in the hustle of urban living. Over the past two decades, urbanisation has been swift and sustained. There's no sign of it slowing. The rationale is obvious. Cities provide opportunities. We're flocking to where we can find work. The secrets of the world's happiest cities; NSW Public Service Commission, 2013. As well as reviewing world-leading management practices within innovative organisations, the PSC met with people across the spectrum of government service delivery, from chief executives of agencies through to those involved in face-to-face interactions with NSW citizens. This has helped to identify some of the barriers that prevent agencies from providing the best possible services to the people of NSW. Ideas at work: creating an innovative cities and public sector
Our attachment to the Christmas story may be the greatest act of self-deception in Western history, and that might not be a bad thing Beautiful lies?; Thanksgiving in America lends itself to taking stock of the good in our lives. There are many things that make us human. Compassion, grace, love. The ability to forgive. Gratitude is more than simple sentiment; it is the motivation that can save the world
Only through mistakes can we see where we’re lacking, where we need to work. But we hate mistakes so we play it safe. Advice with a musical flavour. Ben Zander on performance and transformation
Being a leader, or even just a do-er, requires stamina and mental strength; the ability to blow-off the personal element of criticism while applying it into your work constructively, ignoring the noise, and identifying your weaknesses so you can become stronger is all part of it. Ann Morin, a psychotherapist and college psychology instructor, provided with 13 attributes deficient in the mentally strong Fail fast, fix fast, learn fast