Sunday, January 05, 2014

If God loves you, he will make you rich

Money – and the unfairness of its distribution – is much on our minds at the moment. Particularly, it boils the minds of the “sod politics” generation of those aged 20 to 30 – the pinched generation, as David Willetts, the universities minister, has called it.
It is not the first place they would look (the cogitations of comedian Russell Brand would probably be top of the list) but they could, I think, pick up some useful insights by reading fiction of the 19th century – the golden age of the novel. Behind every great fortune, declared Honoré de Balzac, lies a crime – a grim view of humanity that he depicted, at monumental length, in his Comédie Humaine series. Russian novelists of the 19th century had a different view on money and its unfair distribution through the world. That view is articulated in Fyodor Dostoevsky’s The Gambler. If God loves you, he will make you rich. End of problem.How to win, lose and use money in a novel way (via Fin Times) 

"The good things in life still exist" is both the word and deed of Germany company Manufactum, which sources purposeful objects that are made using traditional manufacturing methods and materials.The brand was started in 1988 by the former managing director of Germany's Green Party, Thomas Hoof. Although it is now part of a larger conglomerate (with nine physical stores in Germany) it strives to remain true to the ethos of its founding father.Now to the products – geeze, where do we start? There are over 1500 carefully chosen objects online, which have scored top marks for workmanship and composition. These include sturdy cardboard suitcases, leather footballs, barometres, altimetres, model toys, fire-lighters, shears, sickles and fruity things like this woollen kneeling pad. (What is this for? We are not sure, but we would like one.) Each object comes with a detailed synopsis about its origins and use... and a price. It's not always cheap, but bygads it's quality.  Manufactum : the good things in life still exist via Imrich aka Smith Journal and Dwell of bohemian designs