Monday, October 28, 2013

The Land of the Roman Ls: Roberto, Philipo & Jozefo all L category now

Although free societies provide opportunities which criminals can exploit, in totalitarian states the worst criminals are commonly those in power.
Former judge Tony Fitzgerald

Mr Fitzgerald has warned Queenslanders that Attorney-General Jarrod Bleijie's new laws are dangerous and unlikely to work.
In an opinion piece in The Courier-Mail, Mr Fitzgerald says it's foolhardy and arrogant for politicians to make major changes without consulting legal experts and then slander critics.
He says the government doesn't have a mandate to ignore ethics and attack fundamental values.
But Mr Bleijie insists his government has the support of everyday Queenslanders.
"We were elected with a mandate to make sure that we rebalance the scales of justice," he told reporters. Opinion tony fitzgeralds verdict on the tough law-and-order

A future without regret. We tell ourselves not to dwell on failure, that doing so is whiny and unuseful. To the contrary, regret is what makes us human... No Regrets?

Boonah, an Anglicised version of the Aboriginal word 'buna', supposedly means bloodwood tree. Located 84 km south-west of Brisbane and 100 metres above sea-level, Boonah is known as 'The Heart of the Fassifern'. It is a very pretty little town with lots of timber houses. Surrounded by hills it was established in 1882 as a service centre for the surrounding farms. The area produces vegetables for the nearby Brisbane markets (notably carrots and potatoes), cereal crops, beef, pork and timber Boonah ~ Drive 90 minutes from Brisbane and you'll reach not the Gold or Sunshine coasts but the postcard-perfect Scenic Rim. The Rim is the name given to an arc of mountain ranges, but the region includes the hills and valleys of rainforest and farmland at the foot of the range. At its heart is the tiny town of Boonah. Rim of Nature

God’s Workshop ~ Terrific first draft, but the female characters need some work. Composing Cold Rivers