Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The Circle of Corruption

Mr Temby said the inquiry would examine whether Mr Dunn and another former senior public servant, Mark Duffy, engaged in ''official misconduct'' by using their positions to benefit the Obeids. In 1989 Mr Duffy was sacked as Labor Council industrial officer for leaking internal documents he co-wrote with Mr Costa to an executive at transport giant Linfox. He later worked as chief of staff to former NSW treasurer Michael Egan Corrupt Label

Instead of coal, this time around the Independent Commission Against Corruption is examining the Obeids' interests in cafes at Circular Quay, water licences covering the family property near Mudgee and a canny solution to reduce sickies in the public service.  A succession of former waterways ministers, Carl Scully, Michael Costa, Eric Roozendaal and Joe Tripodi, will be called to give evidence in Operation Cyrus about Mr Obeid's alleged attempts to lobby them to renew two retail leases at Circular Quay, for the Sorrentino Restaurant and Quay Eatery, without going to tender. Troika of self interest

John Abood ~ The story behind the doctrine: ''How to live well on nothing a year'' from the classic novel Vanity Fair The money trail

Carr spent three days at Bohemian Grove. As socio-political tourism, it was a brilliant experience. But Carr would have been wiser to spend no days there. As diplomacy, it was foolish. Clayton Bohemians