Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Heads in the Clouds

Dorrigo (italian aborigines called it Don Dorrigo "stringy bark") the Antiopodean Ikaria just judging by the purity of the mixed sea and moutain air. At the top of the mountain one discovers a cosy retreat called the Clouds End which overlooks Belingen River National Park. This is all part of bigger landscapes as you will find that the  Great Dividing Range also harbours DieHappy State Forest (no pun intended). 

"As the name suggests, Clouds End really is like being at the top of the world, with sweeping views of uninterrupted forest cover stretching to the coast. The area is ringed by a chain of national parks and state forests that offer great potential for bushwalking and sightseeing. Clouds End is owned and operated by Beth and Kelvin Henwood, who bought the property 33 years ago "because we fell in love with the view", says Beth. The Henwoods built a residence out of second-hand and new bits and pieces and raised their children there. 

You will find a sense of humour peppered throughout Henwood's amazing garden.  Inside is a picture of Noah Ark with the purest lamb reminding observers of a spiritual cloud. There used to be a hen or chook run at the end of the garden where electric fence and the woods meet. On the edge of the woods or forest one spies 80 or so Angus beef cattle.  
Antipodean Tuscany at Home

The end of mists ~ Belle home ~  Kampen images

Daunting to pick up - impossible to put down - For those unfamiliar with the Czech anthem, the very first words are "Kde domov můj?" which translate to "Where is my home?" This idea of rootlessness, this constant insecurity about what one may call his or her own, is one of the fundamental themes of this show. It attempts to show this age-old characteristic of the Czech psyche in a contemporary light. Where is my home?